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Posted by Ben O'Reilly on


Welcome to the new improved and fantastic Uptons Club! 

To the new members Hello and Welcome, we hope you love it and to the members of the old club, the one that cost me a fortune and gave you nothing really. That has all changed.

The club is designed to keep our loyal customers informed, reward you and save you guys some money.  What are the advantages for you, really simple:

·       You save money, 9kg gas fill is $21.99 saving you guys $5.00 per fill

·       Rewards day, we are having a day where you can come to the store for all sorts of activity’s. It’s a day for us to say thanks for being there with us. We will put on food, do some demonstrations and have a couple of cool competitions (Are you any good with a slingshot? Watch this space)

·       Frank and I want to hear from you? I own the place and this is a great chance for me to know you and vice versa. The big advantage is that if there is a problem you get to “choke the neck” of the blokes in charge. Where can you do that these days??? (Club members only allowed to do the choking!)

·       Ask me questions, tell me what you hate or love, ring me, basically everything to do with being outdoors, we can help.

·       I will keep you informed on a whole range of items,  I have some fantastic recipes, I will tell you about all the places we have been to or are going too, new products and I will keep you up to date with the travels my old mate Jack Murphy (he is a very unique individual!)

Why wouldn’t you want to be a member, and if you don’t want to receive these emails or be a member of the club, no problems just let us know.  We won’t send you rubbish!!!



Ben and Frank

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  • How do I become a member.

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