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Well it’s been a few weeks of mayhem for lots of people all across Australia with fires and floods everywhere on the news.

I spent a couple of days around Hobart last week and the magnitude of the fires down there can’t be comprehended from the TV reports. Not far out of Hobart you can drive for a couple of hours and everything is dead and burnt.

People’s homes and whole towns wiped out. 

Our thoughts are with everyone that’s been affected and we wish you a speedy recovery!


The open day didn’t happen as we had picked a day in the middle of Queensland coping the huge rains & cyclonic type weather (thanks Oswald!).

So Sunday 10th of March the rewards day is on!

This is a day just for all of our fantastic customers & club members to come into the store and have a great time.

It will kick off about lunchtime and here is what’s happening.

We are having a cooking demonstration with a difference, we have the camp ovens on the open fire out the back of the shop and we will be knocking up a couple of roasts, some damper and heaps of other tasty bits. 

                                        The big news is that the Cast Iron Boys are doing the cooking!!! 

                   So come and have a feed on us.

·                 From midday we will be taking registrations for the first ever Slingshot competition on the new Uptons Slingshot Range.    

·  The Cadets will be here in full swing! Recruiting members and talking about Camouflage and Concealment as well as going into detail on how to set up Mollie and Normal Chest Rigs. The boys will be here all day and can answer questions on anything you need to know.

·         We have set up an undercover testing bed for metal detectors (we think it’s the only one of its type in Australia) so you can try them out in real conditions. If you’re into prospecting come and have a go!

Be here around midday!!!

We'll see ya here!




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