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  • $8.99 AUD

  • Enamelware products have a porcelain enamel finish which is fused on heavy gauge steel.
  • They say all good things come back around eventually, and that's certainly the case with this enamel bakeware.
  • Everyone here at Uptons remembers having something baked or served to them in one of these traditional style dishes, and there's nothing like the thought of mum's Sunday roast or grandma's deep-filled pies to get our tastebuds tingling.
  • And it's not just their appearance that reminds us of a bygone time – the price does too!
  • But they haven't skimped on quality, being made from durable steel, hand-dipped and double-coated in enamel to ensure even cooking and browning, and they're freezable too.
  • For best results grease before use.