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  • $399.99 AUD

High performance compound bow for youth and adult archers.

The best value package in our line up. The vulture is jam-packed with all the features need for target and bow hunting. Modern compact shape with fully adjustable draw length and draw weight to fit any size archer/ Cam wheels feature moving modules with just a simple Allen key adjustment(no bow press needed) including an adjustable draw stop for a solid wall feel at full draw.

The Vulture also features an infinity daw adjustment to make the bow feel like a recurve, great for bow fishing and youth shooters. The package comes complete with everything to get started right including a bonus calliper release aid. 

Vulture Cam Features:

  • Adjustable module 20-30" Draw
  • Allen Key - No bow press needed
  • Adjustable Draw Stop
  • Adjustable to infinity draw

The Package includes:

  • Fibreoptic sight
  • Peep Sight
  • Brush Rest
  • Rubber Stabilizer
  • Wrist Sling
  • Bow Quiver
  • 5 x Vulcan 400 spine carbon composite arrows
  • Caliper release aid
  • Padded Cover

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